luni, 1 februarie 2016

زيدوا المسيح تسبيح

Chorus : (Zeedo el-Maseeh tasbeeh. Allo "el-Elaah" benaghamkom. Nadou el-abtal, abtalo. Yemshou be +Salib+ odamkom)x2
E: [Praise the CHRIST more and more. Exalt the "God" with your tune. Call on the martyrs, His heroes, to walk with a +cross+ before you] 
1- (Ouloh +'aam+ wel mot malhoush soltan, w mafeesh ella bdamoh el-ghofran)x2. W nour el +Engeel+ beyzeed.
E: [Say He has +risen+ and death has no authority. And there is no forgiveness without His blood X2. And the light of the +Bible+ shines more and more] 
2- (Ouloh ghalab el a'tma w soltanha. Nawar ayamna w "lawenha" )x2. W nour el nahar beyzeed. 
E: [Say He has defeated darkness and its power. He has lightened our days and "colored" them X2. And the light of the day shines more and more]
4- (Eishou farah +el-sama+ afrah-afrah. Yelbes iblees lebs el-nawah)x2. W hotafna elih beyzeed.
3- (Ouloh +ghaleb-ghaleb+ a'adaoh. Ghalbeen beshehadtoh w +bedemaoh+)x2. W meerathna ma'ah beyzeed. 
E: [Say He is victorious+ over His enemies. We are victorious through His witness and +blood+ X2. And our inheritance with Him grows more and more]
E: [Live the joy of +Heaven+ fully. This will make a mourner of Satan X2. And our call against him grows louder and louder]

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