sâmbătă, 25 octombrie 2014

מלך מלכי המלכים - Ohad Moskowitz

Forgive me, my Father for I have sinned before you 
Pardon me for all my transgressions 
Even on the days when I “forgot” you 
You were always in my Life 
In all the ways that I went 
You have been a guiding light 
I was blind I could not see beyond 
To that what my eyes were focused on 

King, the King of Kings 
Thank you for life 
For happiness for tears and Laughter 
Even when it's hard sometimes 
even then you are my G-d You are never far

Even though I walk through a dark and methods 
I trust in you My G-d 
For my better half, for my firstborn and daughter 
Thanks for the non ending happiness 
Thanks for Holidays
For the Sabbath that protects will Never end Every day that passes on my way to heaven I’ll Picture you in front of my Eyes

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