miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

Ma iubesti?

Un film ce il recomand din toata inima ...

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Si mie i-mi place ,caci e foarte realist! E si de ras si de plans si de reflectat.E un film care leaga TRECUTUL cu PREZENTUL ,si care incet si pe nesimtite ne duce intr-un VIITOR asemanator cu TRECUTUL!
Domnul sa aiba mila de noi!Caci altfel ...
Virginia Brasov

Rodica Botan spunea...

si eu l-am vazut de multe ori si il voi mai vedea...ca nu ma satur de el.

cella spunea...

Atata mi-i de drag filmul asta ... e lung, e drept insa atata de realist ...

Paula L spunea...

superb filmul!!!

Cristi spunea...

Cella, multumesc pentru recomandare.

Foarte interesant filmul.

Are putin din toate: o drama, un documentar, un musical cu haz.

Simpatic si extrem de expresiv e batranul Tevye.

Citatele mele preferate:

"Hodel, oh, Hodel
Have I made a match for you
He's handsome, he's young
All right, he's 62
But he's a nice man
A good catch, true, true
I promise you'll be happy
And even if you're not
There's more to life than that
Don't ask me what"

"Where's your horse?
Well, he decided
to take the day off."

"He's right.
He's right, and he's right?
They can't both be right.
You know, you are also right."

"How is your brother-in-law
in America?
- He's doing very well.
- Oh, he wrote you?
- No, not lately.
- Then how do you know?
If he was doing badly,
he would write."

"You are just a poor tailor!
But even a poor tailor
is entitled to some happiness!
I promise you, your daughter
will not starve.
He's beginning
to talk like a man.
On the other hand...
what kind of a match would that be...
with a poor tailor?
On the other hand, he is an honest, hard worker.
But on the other hand...
he has absolutely nothing.
On the other hand, things could never get worse for him.
They could only get better."

"But of all God's miracles large and small
The most miraculous one of all
Is that out of a worthless lump of clay
God has made a man today"

"On the other hand...
did Adam and Eve
have a matchmaker?
Yes, they did.
And it seems these two
have the same matchmaker."

"Well, children. I've decided to give you
my blessing and my permission!
Thank you, Papa!
- What else could I do?
- Thank you, Papa.
What am I going to tell your mother?
Another dream?"

"- I've just met Perchik and Hodel.
- Well?
Well, they seem to be very fond of each other.
So? What do you mean?
So, I've decided to give them
my permission to become engaged.
- I'll eat later...
- What?"

"Motel keeps talking
about a sewing machine.
I know.
You are very busy now.
Wars, revolutions,floods, plagues...
all those little things
that bring people back to you.
But couldn't you take a second
and get him his sewing machine?
And while you're in the neighborhood...
as you can see, my horse's leg is...
Am I bothering you too much?
I'm sorry.
As the Good Book says...
Why should I tell you
what the Good Book says?"

"Where are you going?
Chicago, in America.
We are going to New York, America.
We'll be neighbors."

cella spunea...

Buna Cris, am vazut filmul asta de nenumarate ori si ... cand am chef de ceva bun, comic ci ironic ... nu ratez ocazia =)).
Multumesc de citate.